DPDO Vision Statement:
The Diocese of Lango aspires to have a Godly community that is healthy, economically empowered with equal rights and opportunities, and living fulfilled lives.
DPDO Mission:
Diocese of Lango is part of the Anglican Church, commissioned to carry out Christ’s Mission of empowering communities to challenge factors that contribute to social imbalances by way of capacity building, resource mobilization, lobbying, advocacy, and networking.
DPDO Goal:
The DPDO goal is the reduction of rural poverty and our focus in on food security and household income, literacy, health, education, civil rights, and equal opportunities. The challenge is to help the communities reduce, prevent, and cure the underlying causes of social imbalances.
Credo statement:
We are a team committed to improving the quality of life of those in need. We strive to uphold the teachings of the Church of Christ through initiatives which seeks to restore and preserve human dignity.
We aim to act as a catalyst, helping to change visions into realities through encouraging, nurturing, and supporting such initiatives to achieve their goals and attain their independence.
Always keeping in mind our inherent accountability and integrity, we respond with innovations, flexibility and enthusiasm to whatever is asked of us and endeavor to bring joy to those we serve.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Community Development Facilitators (CDF)

To serve the people in my community.
To lead people to a different level.
To innovate and educate on ways to improve people’s health.
To be with and to know the people in my community.
To know our problems and deal with them.
To see people working together.
To support the rights of the people.
To provide quality services.
To promote dialogue for peace.
To speak for the weak.
To move people to action.
To develop myself.
To grow.
To raise hope in people.
To create harmony.
To enjoy work and rest.
To lead people to God.

Key Activities
Keep records of all forms and kinds of community development activities.
Mobilize and sensitize the local members of the community for development activities.
Monitor and report development activities in the area.
Attend trainings for community facilitation.
Facilitate group trainings.
Coordinate the Diocese of Lango with the community and promote right based development.

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