DPDO Vision Statement:
The Diocese of Lango aspires to have a Godly community that is healthy, economically empowered with equal rights and opportunities, and living fulfilled lives.
DPDO Mission:
Diocese of Lango is part of the Anglican Church, commissioned to carry out Christ’s Mission of empowering communities to challenge factors that contribute to social imbalances by way of capacity building, resource mobilization, lobbying, advocacy, and networking.
DPDO Goal:
The DPDO goal is the reduction of rural poverty and our focus in on food security and household income, literacy, health, education, civil rights, and equal opportunities. The challenge is to help the communities reduce, prevent, and cure the underlying causes of social imbalances.
Credo statement:
We are a team committed to improving the quality of life of those in need. We strive to uphold the teachings of the Church of Christ through initiatives which seeks to restore and preserve human dignity.
We aim to act as a catalyst, helping to change visions into realities through encouraging, nurturing, and supporting such initiatives to achieve their goals and attain their independence.
Always keeping in mind our inherent accountability and integrity, we respond with innovations, flexibility and enthusiasm to whatever is asked of us and endeavor to bring joy to those we serve.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Partnership & the DPDO 2006-2007

An organization can not address the question of poverty alleviation alone. Collaborative partnership is the way to pool available resources, knowledge and skills, and approach poverty through a multi-sector strategy and generate a process of total transformation.
Collaboration is a strategic choice by the Diocese of Lango focusing on developing partnerships for development.

CRWRC Uganda: A faith based International organization with a sound Christian understanding of Development and stewardship. First contact with the Diocese of Lango was made in 2001, and since then we have entered a partnership agreement and have signed periodic memorandum of understanding. The partnership gives funds to support capacity building and a development program in the Aduku Archdeaconry.

TEAR Australia: An International NGO with a credible development track record. First contact with the Diocese was made in 2004 and there is an going dialogue to develop further partnership. TEAR Australia currently gives financial support for capacity building in the Aber Archdeaconry.

Planning Development & Rehabilitation {PDR} : A faith based development organization within the Province of the Church of Uganda. The Church of Uganda has been linked with the Diocese of Lango since 1976. A plan is underway to develop an MOU and partnership agreement. PDR currently gives the Diocese of Lango financial support for relief & emergency, community development and capacity building programs.

Private sector Development Company Ltd.: A private business development organization based in Lira. First contact with the DOL was made in 2004 and we have operated with mutual understanding, sharing technical expertise for community development.

Agricultural Research and Development Center {ARDC}Ngetta: A government research institute based in Lira. First contact was made in 2003 and dialogue is continuing for a partnership agreement. ARDC gives technical support and provides agricultural innovations for community development
African Evangelistic Enterprises {AEE}: A faith based organization based in Uganda. First contact was made in 1982. A partnership agreement was signed and financial support is given to build community capacity in AmoladyangBala.
Mennonite Central Committee {MCC}: An international faith based organization working in Uganda. First contact was made in 2003 and dialogue is continuing to develop a collaborative development partnership. Dale and Marika Christy have been seconded to the DPDO from MCC to support program development, considering relief and resettlement activities.

Potential partnerships include but are not limited to:
1. Geneva Global
2. Inter Religious Council of Uganda
3. Development Attaché: Japanese Embassy- Uganda
5. Flame International

The Relief and Emergency Program:
This was our main priority last year. In 2003, over 400,000 people were displaced and placed in 47 camps, specifically in the northern and eastern parts of the Diocese. The Diocesan Relief and Emergency Committee, together with PDR staff, planned and have distributed food and non-food items worth 400 million Ugandan Shillings in 10 selected camps over the last 2 years. This program ended in December 2006 to give way for the planning and implementing of our Resettlement and Rehabilitation Program.

Community Capacity Building & Development Program:
The entry point for this program was the Archdeaconry Planning & Development Committee {APDC}. The committee was trained and supported to facilitate action groups for the implementation of food security programs, income generating activities, adult literacy, community health, and spiritual health programs. An integration of health, nutrition, and income generation have been successfully emphasized in the production, consumption and sales of Amaranth and Gari.

Organization Capacity Development:
New office spaces have been provided for the Diocesan staff members in a new office block. Although the offices are ill equipped , they are spacious enough for the heads of departments. Staff have been trained on specific skills and there is adequate capacity to handle community mobilization, facilitation, training and monitoring.

Mission and Evangelism:
The Diocese reached 100 years of its existence last year. A great feast for the centenary was launched in Kungu, the jubilee site and a point of entry for the Good News in the Lango sub-region in 1905.This was preceded by a series of conventions and parochial mission weeks, bringing many people to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

A steering committee to open All Saints University has been formed and inaugurated.

The church's one foundation
Is Jesus Christ her Lord
She is His new creation
By water and word:
From heaven he came and sought her
To be his Holy bride;
With his own blood he bought her, and for her life he died.
Hymn:S.S Wesley,1810-1876

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